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Low Income Housing Help River Rouge MI

The River Rouge Housing Commission has been serving the community since 1948.  The agency provides rental housing units and rental assistance to individuals and families who need help in finding quality affordable housing.  We seek to help our residents realize a brighter future while providing them with a quality standard of affordable housing. Our team is dedicated to serving and guiding those who need a little help in their journey to financial independence. 

We are committed to provide friendly, knowledgeable, and caring services to our resident and community.  Working together will build a brighter future and create a stronger community.  We are honored to serve the River Rouge community!

Eboni Nugin, Executive Director

River Rouge Housing Commission

Email –  enugin@riverrougehousing.com


The River Rouge Housing Commission offers 300 Section 8 apartments for rent as well as 249 Section 8 housing vouchers for low-income families. A family that is issued a housing voucher must find a suitable housing unit of their choice where the owner agrees to rent under the voucher program; this unit may include the family’s current residence. All rental units under the program must meet the minimum standards of health and safety. Participants are not limited to units in the city of River Rouge but must stay within county limits.

The 300 units are divided into four resident areas:

  • Seneca Terraces was constructed in 1952 (48 units located on Polk St and Beechwood).
  • Iroquois Terraces was also constructed in 1952 (52 units located on Goodell St).
  • Seneca and Iroquois Terraces was constructed in 1958 (100 units located on Polk, Beechwood, and Goodell streets).
  • Community Sites were constructed in 1963 (100 units located throughout the community at Superior Ct, Lenoir Ct, Kleinow St, Polk S, and Goodell St.

In addition to our 300 public housing units, we also administer 249 Section 8 vouchers from our Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. The Section 8 program first came into existence in River Rouge in 1977 under the Section 8 Existing Housing Program. Our Section 8 office is housed in our Hyacinth Court II Community Center, and the current Section 8 Coordinator is named Nakia Johnson.

The RRHC is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The mission of the organization is to provide low-income families with affordable and safe housing solutions. All of our units are subsidized based on the participant’s income.

Primary Communities Served

River Rouge