Waitlist Closed

River Rouge Housing Commission (RRHC) Section 8 waitlist is now closed. DO NOT CALL the office to check the status of your application. Use your confirmation number to verify if you have been selected from the lottery and placed on the waiting list.  ALL changes to your application must be made in writing to the section 8 office.

You will not be able to contact this office to verify if your application has been received or regarding the application process. Once you complete and submit the application you will be assigned a tracking number (write the number down for future use). The tracking number is just a confirmation that your application had been successfully submitted, it does not mean that your application will be placed on the waiting list.


The following is a brief history of the River Rouge Housing Commission

The River Rouge Housing Commission came into existence in 1948. It is comprised of 300 units, our Hyacinth Court II Community Center located at 460 ½ Lenoir Court, River Rouge, Mi. 48218, and the main office which is located at 180 Visger Road, River Rouge, Mi. 48218.

The 300 units are divided into four Project Areas:

  • Project 1 was named Seneca Terraces constructed in 1952 (48 units located on Polk Street and Beechwood)
  • Project 2 was named Iroquois Terraces also constructed in 1952 (52 units located on Goodell Street)
  • Project 3 was named Seneca and Iroquois Terraces constructed in 1958 (100 units located on Polk, Beechwood and Goodell streets)
  • Project 4 called Scattered Sites constructed in 1963 (100 units located in Superior Ct, Lenoir Ct, Kleinow Street, Polk Street and Goodell Street.

In addition to our 300 Public Housing Units we also administer 249 Section 8 Vouchers from our Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. The Section 8 Program first came into existence in River Rouge in 1977 under the Section 8 Existing Housing Program. Our Section 8 office is housed in our Hyacinth Court II Community Center, and the current Section 8 Coordinator is named Nakia Johnson.

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